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Self-Assessment Toolkit - Terms of use agreement

  • 1. Background Information

i3 is a CSA project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Program and composed as a consortium of four partners (imec vzw, T6 Ecosystem S.r.l., Eurokleis S.r.l and F6S Network Limited). The main objective of i3 is to evaluate economic and business potential of initiatives and projects in the sector of Media Convergence and Social media. This should be achieved through the deployment of an effective socio-economic and innovation impact methodology also providing coaching, mentoring activities and pro-active self-assessment methodology.

  • 2. Purpose of this Agreement

The purpose of this Terms of use agreement (Agreement) is to define a framework of collaboration between i3 and SAT user ( hereafter also referred to as “the Party” or the “Parties”).

Both the parties shall have advantages from this collaboration.

    • i3’s main activities depend on the involvement of SAT user to evaluate their socio-economic and innovation impact and potential.
    • SAT user will benefit from the cooperation with a team of experts in impact assessment both from a socio-economic as well as innovation point of view. The cooperation gives SAT userthe opportunity to:
      • a. Be trained for the collection of sound quantitative and qualitative indicators, which can then be used by SAT user to prepare a sustainability and/or exploitation plan.
      • b. SAT user have full access to the Toolkit and can generate report and simulation according to his/her needs
      • c. Have visibility towards the European Commission as one of the projects, which has cooperated with i3 in the definition of a common methodology for the evaluation of impact.
      • d. Have visibility during dissemination activities performed by the i3 team.

  • 3. Joint Workplan

i3 shall :

    • 1) Provide all the needed information on the i3 methodology (objectives, procedures etc.) in order to be further applied.
    • 2) Provide the SAT user team with the useful information needed for the identification of the data used for the impact assessment activities.
    • 3) Provide support with the filling out of the questionnaires provided by i3. This support will be given through phone/skype contact or how-to guides.
    • 4) Cite the SAT user project during dissemination activities performed and to the EC.
    • 5) Present the achievements of SAT user related to i3 assessment activities.

SAT user will:

Make available the data needed for filling the i3 Self Assessment Toolkit. The data collected will be of the following kind:

    • a. Administrative data (e.g. budget, costs)
    • b. Technical data (e.g. data related to implementation results)
    • c. Commercial data (e.g. potential users/customers, fees, royalties)

  • 4. Security and legal Communication

Information provided by SAT user are stored in technological infrastructure provided by Eurokleis s.r.l., all the information is stored in secured servers.

Self Assessment Toolkit data processing (stored on servers at the headquarters of Eurokleis srl) is carried out at the registered office of the processing company and are only handled by employees or co-workers responsible for the processing.

The personal data provided by users accessing the service are used solely for the purpose of performing the service itself or the requested service. It is not disclosed to third parties unless the communication is required by law or is strictly necessary for the purpose of providing the service or fulfilment of the user requests.

Any request of information must be addressed to eurokleis s.r.l., Via Romeo Romei, 27 00136 Roma, Italy or to e-mail:

The i3 project representative for eurokleis s.r.l. is

i3 Contact
Francesco Bellini c/o Eurokleis s.r.l.
Via Romeo Romei 27, Rome, Italy, 00136
Tel.: +39 0644254074
Fax.: +39 0644261940

  • 5. Rights and Responsibilities
    • Confidentiality of Information
    • Information collected during i3 impact assessment activities is used by the i3 team only with the purpose of performing the i3 activities, with the aim of reaching its objectives and will be kept confidential by i3 and its respective partner members. The data collected will be disclosed to third parties only in an aggregated and anonymised manner and the reports will be provided to the SAT user project leader for their validation. If any of the data collected and provided by SAT user has to be considered as not publishable or private it has to be specifically stated by the interested party.

    • Cooperation with other projects or parties
    • i3 and SAT user project members are not prevented by this Agreement from cooperating with other projects performing similar activities to those described in this Agreement.

  • 6. Effective Date, Duration and Amendments
  • This Agreement will become effective when accepted by the User. Amendments shall be valid only if accepted by the authorised representatives of the Parties.

  • 7. Governing Law - Dispute resolution

The terms of this Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with their true meaning and effect independently of national and local law. Provided that if and insofar as this Agreement does not stipulate, or any of its terms are ambiguous or unclear reference shall be made to the substantive laws of Italy.

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