Self Assessment Toolkit

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Welcome to the I3 tool for impact self-assessment!

For project coordinators

This toolkit enables you to assess the impact of your project. You will be requested to provide information about your project outputs and expected impact and to run the assessment yourself. In order to do this, the toolkit combines the information you enter with the information entered by your project partners and, once engaged in the assessment, your project users. This tool consists of 5 main sections, which are presented at the top of each page: INPUT,OUTPUT, IMPACTS, ASSESSMENT, REPORT.

The areas of impact considered are three: innovation, economic and social. Each area of impact is composed of different dimensions.

The Tool is under development so, if you have any comments or feedback, we would be happy to receive this to help improve the process where necessary. To communicate your inputs, but also in case of technical issues or requests of clarification about specific sections/question, please open a ticket by writing an email to

What happen with the data I enter in the tool?

Your data are stored in a secure server and only you and the I3 team can see them. Data provided through this tool are considered confidential and therefore individual responses will not be released, shared, or published without your authorisation.

The I3 team will use the data you enter ONLY for support activities and research purposes. The report at aggregated level will treat the data in an anonymous way so that the results related to your project will not be recognisable. It is important to consider, however, that your project is co-funded by the European Commission and if the Commission will ask to have access to your data, it will have the right to consult them.

For some questions you will find the "N/A" option, that stands as "Not Applicable". Please select this option when the question does apply to your project targets or activities.

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